Friday, July 01, 2005

Top Gun Cunningham

The Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) story keeps getting better and better, and the hitherto obscure North Coast Times is nailing it.

It turns out that Representative Cunningham owns a little company called Top Gun Enterprises, on which Web site he sells various items, including a $595 buck knife. The problem is that apparently the knife includes the Congressional Seal, and that's a problem because, you see, we've got laws in this country that prohibit profiting personally from the trappings of office.

The odd thing is that the page that used to advertise the knife on Top Gun Enterprises' Web site has mysteriously disappeared. Seems someone decided that continuing to advertise that particular item, including the fact that it has the Congressional Seal on it, was a bit unwise.

However, thanks to the magic of Google caching, you can still see it here!


Anonymous said...

That's the North COUNTY Times. And it's only obscure if you ain't from North County San Diego.

Anonymous said...

It's not obscure in San Diego South Coast - excuse me, I meant, South County - either.