Thursday, March 15, 2007

You Can't Make This Up, Dept.

From the Washington Post:
Tsuriel Raphael, Israel's ambassador to El Salvador, was yanked after local police found him in the embassy yard "naked, bound and drunk." According to reports, a number of sexual toys and devices surrounded the "longtime" envoy who informed police of his identity after they removed a ball-gag from his mouth.
Update: More from the UK Guardian, which says the incident raises issues of "transparency in recruitment and promotion procedures" for the Israeli foreign ministry:

As an Israeli ambassador, Tsuriel Raphael was accomplished at putting a gloss on delicate subjects, be it Tel Aviv's nuclear programme, the treatment of Palestinians or the invasion of Lebanon. When San Salvador police discovered him in his official embassy residence yard in the capital San Salvador, however, smooth talk was not really an option. For starters there was the gag and the rubber ball in his mouth. There was also the matter of being drunk. And naked. And bound. And surrounded by sex toys. Once he was untied and the gag and ball were removed Mr Raphael identified himself as the ambassador but for perhaps the first time in his diplomatic career, this was a crisis he could not explain away.

The ambassador did not break any law so for the Salvadorean police the case is closed.

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