Monday, December 03, 2007

Nice gig

From Craigslist, an job opening:
Limo Driver / Bodyguard

$20 per hour. Cash. You'll drive fun people in provided private limo.

Will average 15 to 30 hours per month, usually weekend nights. Primarily in Santa Rosa and to North Bay locales. Average work hours will be 8 PM to 2 AM with some nights up to 4 AM.

Candidate should be over 21, have clean driving record and professional, yet rugged and intimidating appearance. Knowledge and fluency in the Russian language a plus, but not required.
Fun people, indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Dependable,punctual,honest,energetic,multilingual with 6"1'h and 260lbs. good looking man, who has a professional attitude and a clean record looking for a full time, long-term position. Available to work 24/7 a week and travel if necessary. MILITARY SPECIAL FORCES EXPERIENCE (2 YEARS TRAINING), BLACK BELT MARTIAL ARTS (USA), PROFESSIONAL CHEF(GRADUATED WITH HONORS FROM CULINARY ACADEMY),LANDSCAPE DESIGNER(7YEARS EXPERIENCE), BARTENDER (CA CERTIFIED), BODYGUARD (CA SECURITY GUARD LICENSE) AND 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH O&R V.I.P. SECURITY COMPANY, PERSONAL CHAUFFEUR (PART TIME FOR 5 YEARS WITH EXCELLENT DRIVING RECORD), UNIVERSITY GRADUATE WITH MASTERS IN ECONOMICS. All records and licenses available upon request. My LEXUS LS 430 can be used if needed.
Eugene LeGeza 818-700-8862 or 818-974-7377