Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GE Next?

Is General Electric the next corporate titan to go down? Someone well-informed thinks so. If that happens, then we truly are exploring a Great Depression-like scenario.


Jesper Joergensen said...

Please don't call Seeking Alpha "someone well-informed" again. It's a joke of a stock site. I can't believe they make it onto Yahoo Finance's feeds.

Not saying GE is not in trouble. Who knows. Seeking Alpha definitely don't. They usually just cite random financial metrics and draw whatever conclusion they like from it.

Michael said...

Jesper, can you provide more specific detail on both the general problems with Seeking Alpha and the mistakes in the GE analysis. It seemed a little broadbrush but thought-provoking nonetheless.

Jesper Joergensen said...

Hi Michael,

I read through the article and see pretty much standard information that's common for most companies in this market. Of course GE may blow up. In this market you can say that about a lot of companies. It's not a big secret that GE has a big finance arm and as such will be hit hard by the credit crisis. I see no new information, just sensationalism. If you have something to write about GE, it'd be great to get your thoughts on it. Seeking Alpha's piece is just listing standard information and calling GE a disaster waiting to happen based on it. You could pick a lot of public companies and do the same.

I am curious, what made you say it was well-informed? I can't find anything in the article that would make me think the author is particularly well-informed about GE.