Friday, October 03, 2008

Obamacons: grassroots edition

A lifelong Republican friend of mine writes me:
Although I maintain my free market capitalistic bias (minus a non-transparent, unregulated credit default swap market) along with my imperialistic tendencies regarding national security, the post-cold war era of unilateralism has come with a severe price and has caused me to rethink the Bush doctrine (I still think I was born 2015 years too late)....

For me, social transformation trumps ideology for the good of the country - our country NEEDS this. What has shaped my view here is the fact I spent the first 21 years of my life living in the microcosm of military bases around the world in highly integrated societies that vaticinate what this country can become.

I just pray that health care does not become nationalized in the Canadian model.

The Republican party is devoid of any substantive vision and has been reduced to an anachronistic ideological land of recrement. As a marketer who takes his profession very seriously, I am offended by the GOPs core position on this entire election: NOT Obama.
The real tell on this email is that this friend realizes that the GOP in its current instantiation is incompetent and dangerous even in terms of its own ideology.

(Nerdy modernization theory-related side note: "vaticinate," means "to foretell." I enjoy the suggestion above that the outcome of 28 years of Reaganism is that the U.S. no longer can envision itself as a model for others and instead, for the first time in our history, must consider that others will provide a model that we should follow.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the definition, I was just about to look it up. Love the blog, keep up the good work...
And a question, in light of your friend's thoughts - how can this election even be close? I keep asking myself this, but I still fear it will be much too close. Shouldn't McCain-Palin been down 10 points even before the economic meltdown of the last 2 weeks?