Saturday, January 10, 2009

Renal Recompense

"If you ain’t no chump; holla we want prenup!"

Good to know the going rate for a kidney is $1.5M, question Nils, in your research what do the back alley kidneys go for?

Update (by Nils): The retail price of kidneys varies tremendously worldwide--hence creating massive arbitrage opportunities for organ brokers. The cheapest kidneys come from India, where the price is typically under US$1000. In Iran, there the official state price for a kidney is US$1000, but the black market price is said to be significantly higher. A Romanian kidney fetches for US$3,000 dollars, while Turkish kidneys cost US$10,000+, and Mexican, Brazilian and South African kidneys fall in between. Finally, in the U.S., the price is typically US$60-90K. These are the prices the donors get; middlemen add a significant markup, so that the price recipients pay is often over US$100K. And that's before the surgery costs.

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