Thursday, January 08, 2009

The South will Rise Again

Attending ZooLights a few weeks ago with a group of friends a comment was made, in jest, as we were leaving dinner, "oh, we have to wait for the breeders." Now I am not particularly defensive about choosing to have children, nor have I been on offense about it, until I read this:
Mississippi has claimed the distinction of having the highest teen birth rate in the United States, a figure more than three times higher than the states with the lowest rates, health officials said on Wednesday...New Mexico (a rate of 64.1 per 1,000) and Texas (63.1) were next on the list, according to the CDC. ...Teen birth rates were highest in the South and Southwest and lowest in the Northeast, the CDC said. The lowest rates were recorded in New Hampshire (18.7), Vermont (20.8) and Massachusetts (21.3), according to the report.
Check out the map:

I am certainly not advocating for teen pregnancy, but as a proud member of the East Coast Elite I fear this path:

So c'mon bi-coastal progressives put the Rabbit away and get it on old school. The future of our country is at stake.

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