Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential rankings

Small Precautions has ranked the Presidents in the past, but today C-Span published a comprehensive survey that asked 65 presidential historians to rank the 43 ex-Presidents according to ten different criteria.

Not surprisingly, overall Lincoln, Washington and FDR come out on top, and Andrew Johnson and Buchanan land at the bottom. 

Bush II didn't do as bad as you'd think, ranking nearest the bottom on economic management (a judgment which presumably can only improve as time passes). I think the most depressing thing for the Bushists, probably, is that on the one category where he really ought to have been able to beat Clinton hands down, namely "moral authority," he ranked just about the same spot.

The person who got the easiest ride is Woodrow Wilson, who in my estimation is among the worst ever. The man segregated the federal government by Presidential order, for God's sake.

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