Friday, November 19, 2004

Follow-up: the exit polls were onto something

We reported earlier that there was about a 4-in-a-billion (yes, billion) chance that the exit polls in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida could collectively have differed from the actual tallied votes as much as they did.

Well, here we may the beginning of an explanation, at least for Florida. The lede:
Researchers at UC Berkeley released a statistical analysis Thursday that shows, they say, that President Bush may have received at least 130,000 extra and unexplained votes in Florida counties that used electronic voting machines.
If this is true, it would not swing Florida into the Kerry column (he lost by 300K+ votes), but it would make the actual vote closer to the exit poll predictions, narrowing the probability that the discrepancy could have been random error from less than 3 in 1000 to merely 1 in 100.

I feel much better, don't you?

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