Friday, November 12, 2004

Gulf War II: The Movie

Two more international humanitarian agencies pull out of Iraq because it's too dangerous for their staff: Doctors without Borders and the International Rescue Committee.

Mission Accomplished!

More and more Iraq is reminding me (and especially all the optimistic statements about how things are going over there are reminding me) of the old Eddie Murphy skit about how horror movies always star white people, because black people would never be so stupid as to get themselves into the situations that horror movies presume:
You can't make a horror movie with black people in it 'cuz the movie'd stop, you'd see niggers runnin' down the street, the movie's over! That's the movie. You can't have a movie like that.

See, white people, you all sit on the toilet, see blood in the toilet, and you all go get Ajax.

Brothers won't sit on the toilet. Movie be just like this:

[brother's voice] "Wow, baby, this is beautiful. We got chandelier hangin' up here, kids outside playin', it's a beautiful neighborhood, I really love - this is beaut--"

[demonic whisper] "GET OUT!"

[brother's voice] "Too bad we can't stay." [instantly spins, starts walking upstage]

Whitey still has a lot to learn.

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