Friday, December 10, 2004

How the troops see the progress in Iraq

A sobering article in the London Times about the many reasons for and symptoms of American troops disgruntlement: over 5000 desertions, including American soldiers fleeing to Canada and taking their story to the media; ire bubbling up against Rumsfeld in a public Q&A session; accusations that forced extensions of duty amount to a bait-and-switch from the one-year tours soldiers believed they were signing up for; and declining re-enlistment rates despite significantly increased re-enlistment bonuses. And then there's this:
At 10 per cent, the death rate among war casualties is the lowest in history. But maimed men and women are flocking home with horror stories about the war, which is claiming more and more casualties. Between June, when the Iraqi interim Government took over, and September, the average monthly casualty rate among US forces was 747 a month, compared with 482 during the invasion and 415 before the coalition government was disbanded. With elections looming next month, the toll is expected to mount.
Progress, optimism, will, faith...

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