Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Logistical issues" with Iraqi election

Leave aside the continued security catastrophe in Iraq, or the on-again, off-again commitment to participate in the vote by Sunni and some religious Shi'ite parties. Even more insuperable challenge (related to the security issue) facing the Iraqi vote is logistical. The lede:

With less than eight weeks remaining before Iraq's national elections, preparations are so far behind it will be virtually impossible to carry off a proper vote, according to several consultants involved in the planning.

Although public attention has been focused on how to make the country safe for the Jan. 30 parliamentary election, logistical problems could undermine the vote just as seriously as the lack of security. Preparations are stalled on many levels, ranging from delays in hiring and training thousands of election workers to deciding what kind of ballots and ink to use.

Then again, "logistical issues" with voting didn't seem to bother the Bush regime much in Ohio or Florida either.

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