Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mission Accomplished....

After our great victory in Fallujah, it looks like we have the insurgents on their heels all over Iraq: they've only managed to kill 90 people in the last 3 days.

Would anyone describe this as "bringing it on"?

Update: You know Belgravia Dispatch is getting desperate when he has to resort to claiming, a month after the election, "Well, Kerry woulda been worse!"

Not that I doubt him about Kerry, but the situation in Iraq shows the bankruptcy of the overall American position in Iraq. I'd be interested in hearing Greg's en avance description of the scene that would describe the failure of the American agenda; in short, what hypothetical sitation would it take for Greg to say, "Yes, now, despite everything, we should leave." Like his dad, he'll probably take the standard diplomatic response, and say, "We don't engage in hypotheticals." That's diplomatically legitimate, but intellectually vacant. Can Greg do better?

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