Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Bush regime's embrace of torture

Andrew Sullivan stays on the torture case:
[We] know from Gonzales' documents released yesterday that the Bush administration wants to reserve the right to torture detainees for the CIA. Rice has also confirmed this. They refuse to specify what 'coercive interrogation techniques' they are sanctioning for security reasons. They say they don't want to tip off al Qaeda. So we don't have a right to know if the government is practising torture as policy? I guess not. We have now crossed a line where the CIA can torture anyone they deem to be an enemy combatant, with no one outside the inner circle knowing, in places no one knows about.
We had our all-or-nothing "accountability moment" in November. Expect the next four years to be all-"Fuck Off"-all-the-time. Get used to the attitude.

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