Saturday, January 29, 2005

If you're pro-GWOT, vote against Gonzales

Ed Kilgore explains why anyone who sincerely cares about defeating Islamist radicalism should stand adamantly against Alberto Gonzales's nomination for Attorney General:
If you believe, as I do and I hope you do, that the war on terror is an ideological war in which perceptions of American values and good intentions are in the long run as important as military assets, then confirming the Poster Boy for Torture as Attorney General provides a propaganda victory for Islamic Jihadism that's potentially just as damaging as those images from Abu Ghraib. Moreover, Gonzales's confirmation will also reinforce the already dangerous impression that the United States will only obey those rules we get to set ourselves, an impression the administration finds ways to strengthen nearly every day.
Honestly, I don't see how anyone can vote for Gonzales in good conscience. Condi Rice I can admit to some disagreement on, but Gonzales is just beyond the pale. Not that the Democrats should put up a major political ruckus -- keep the powder dry -- but no one should actually vote for him. And any Republican who chooses to vote for the guy has for me definitely proved that he is more of loyalist than a moralist.

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