Thursday, January 27, 2005

Doug Feith out

Doug Feith, a key neocon, goes down.

Thank God. Not only has Faith been the Bush regime's Likudnik-in-chief and lead Chalabista, he's also been a key promoter of the notion that the way forward for America diplomatically is to drop out of as many treaties as possible, specifically the ABM treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the International Criminal Court.

Of course no one in the Bush regime will represent Feith's resignation as an instance of accountability, but it probably is just that. In addition to his other sterling accomplishments, Feith was one of the main guys promoting the notion (1) that there was a link between Saddam and Al Qaeda; and (2) that regime change in Iraq would be easy. In fact, Feith was so adamant in these beliefs that he allegedly took the risk of leaking a classified memo he himself wrote promoting these ideas. Some predicted that this stunt might earn him a spell in jail, but it appears merely to have cost him his job.

It's hard to believe that treachery and evil can look this dorky, but that just goes to show how you never can tell what the devil will look like.

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