Thursday, February 03, 2005

For shame

The Democrats who voted for Gonzales:
  • Landrieu (Louisiana)
  • Lieberman (Connecticut)
  • Nelson (Florida)
  • Nelson (Nebraska)
  • Pryor (Arkansas)
  • Salazar (Colorado)
Republicans closed ranks. Even McCain voted for Gonzales. Which just goes to show that he's ultimately more partisan than principled, despite his media glow.

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Anonymous said...

How much ya wanna bet that the Democrats end up nominating one of these clowns in 2008? You've blogged a lot about how the donkeys (asses... more than a coincidence?) need to develop a platform that clearly delineates their differences with Repubican policy, but I don't think they're getting it. In fact, they seem to be reacting to defeat by trying to figure out how to emulate the victors as closely as possible while maintaining a pretense of being somehow (in some vague, undefined way) different. Assholes. -- Lars