Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wingjobs at it again

In response to a quote from Jimmy Carter from September, where Carter worried that the security situation in Iraq might force the postponement of the election in Iraq, Powerline (much-read blog) claims that Jimmy Carter "isn't just misguided or ill-informed. He's on the other side."

This is where the wingjobs are at these days: casually accusing ex-Presidents of treason. And no one on their side cries foul.


Zak Braverman said...

Kevin Drum has a very good post about this:

zachawry said...

This leads to a greater question, one I always wanted to blog on myself: both the right and the left are all too willing to ascribe the wort posssible motives to each other.

If you assume that every statement or action has a continuum of plausible motivations, from the altruistic to the sinister, then both sides seem to automatically assume that the sinister end of the scale is the one appropriate in every circumstance for those who don't agree with them.

I don't know if it's always been like this, but I suspect it's a tendency which has been strengthened by the echo chamber effect of the Internet (far from exposing people to a range of issues, it allows people to seek out only those opinions which reinforce their own and usually vilify others). The Jimmy Carter thing is a good example of this.