Monday, June 13, 2005

Lawrence Franklin: Israeli spy

Lawrence Franklin will be charged illegally disclosing classified defense information to two American Israel Public Affairs Committee members, who in turn are thought to have passed them on to Israeli agents. It's baffling to me how AIPAC gets away with not registering as an agent of a foreign power.

What will it take for the American government to stop paying $2b a year in aid to the one country in the Middle East that has had agents convicted and repeatedly accused of spying on the United States?

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Anonymous said...

The #1 terrorist / spy organization in the USA continues to operate openly in Washington DC — its called AIPAC.

Who owns & operates the media -- that is why these stories are buried or never pursued. How do you distract from the biggest story since 911 ? You manufacture other stories (such as Cindy Sheehan) to suck up air time. Anytime Michael Moore is involved you should be aware that ZION spinning is going on. They thrive on controlling all sides of an issue.

1. What do the following have in common: Clinton, Condit, Mc Greevy and 4 star general Byrnes ???

2. What do the following have in common: Lewinsky, Levy, and Cippel ???

the answer to #1 is: They were all duped into a MOSSAD honey trap.

the answer to #2 is: They are all MOSSAD agents and all happen to be self identified practicers of judaism. Only 1.9% of the US population identifies themselves as practicing judasim. This is beyond coincidence. What about all the school shooters ??? Thank goodness they removed this COMPROMISED 4 star general from his post. There are still some patriots left in the FBI, CIA, and DIA that have not been deluded / fooled by the ZION lies.

DONT LET THE ZION MEDIA SHILLS / WHORES distract from the reality that the MOSSAD has been trying to deceive our nation into fighting israels enemies for some time — including their complicity in 911. PURGE THE ZION TRAITORS including the scumbags FRANKLIN, ROSEN, and WEISSMAN.

Don’t believe the ZION lies about BUSH. They are attempting to take down another president.

FYI — another ZION shill was indicted yesterday — Abramoff. Looking forward to the next shill indictment of SAYANIM NOVAK.

ZIONISTS are ANTI 1st amendment and ANTI 2nd amendment and they are also ANTI AMERICAN.

Imagine this: In the middle of our 'war on terror,' a foreign government (Israel) has spies who have infiltrated the highest levels of the Department of Defense.

Larry Franklin, Rosen, Weissman and the AXIS of ADL, AIPAC, and ISRAELI TRAITORS / ESPIONAGE — all indicted.

ZIONIST Douglas Feith (the architect of the IRAQ war and the boss of indicted spy Larry Franklin) resigned August 9th, 2005 and has fled the country. This story was also buried.


The sudden use of “HOMELAND” instead of “our country” or “our nation” – is word warfare. Why are we not talking about protecting our country or our nation? I’ll tell you why. We are no longer to think of the USA as a sovereign nation – we are to think of ourselves as having a “homeland” in the ZIONIST government. Ironically, "HOMELAND SECURITY" is run by a dual US-ISRAELI citizen named Michael Chertoff.

Those who think this is going to far – have no idea of the heartless, ruthless psycho-warfare propagandists we should be fighting.

Remove these dual citizens from critical posts in the USA government IMMEDIATELY -- such as Michael Chertoff. NO MORE dual loyalties. This is a war -- not pattie cakes with your playground chums.

"No one censors speech they agree with."