Friday, September 02, 2005

Martial law?

A friend writes and asks, "How come Bush doesn't declare martial law" in New Orleans?

I must confess that I find it perplexing, too. It would be of a piece with the effort on the part of Bush's handlers to consistently project an image of toughness and willingness to "take the fight to the enemy."

It would also be a first step in turning the whole anti-Bush New-Orleans-is-like-Baghdad meme on its head, with Bush declaring, in both instances, "We will crush the evildoers like the vermin they are," etc. Fox News would love to jump on that bandwagon, I don't doubt. Plus, you've got to figure that Rove knows that shooting a few black people on live TV probably will play well with "the base."

The fact that Bush isn't making this move is the best evidence yet that his handlers are losing their touch. Maybe the imminent indictment is affecting Rove's concentration.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's just that the State of Louisiana preempted him - they declared martial law on Tuesday. I would have thought you knew...
- Lars

Michael said...

LA.'s constitution doesnt allow martial law to be declared. Although, some officials "declared martial law", it had no legal effect. Frankly, this is a national disgrace that has no upside for the president. Therefore, the only conclusion I can rationalize is that they truly are indifferent and incompetent. Further, martial law doesnt do any good without troops on the ground.