Friday, August 29, 2008

Landslide alert?

A lifelong Republican friend of mine writes me, a propos of the Palin nomination:

first, let me say that i've been pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness of mccain's campaigning. i thought he'd be dole II, but he's clearly got more energy in his campaign team. they're more aggressive and hard-hitting at least in above the line type promos.

that said, i think this choice is weak and will probably drive me to vote for obama. the problems around the economy and around our foreign policy are to me the key issues. mccain may be alright in foreign policy, but biden neutralizes that. palin doesn't help mccain at all on the economy, probably hurts him.

i maintain my prediction, which i've had for several months, that obama will take this in a landslide.

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Anonymous said...

Given the swirl of not one, but TWO, scandals surrounding Yukon Barbie, my bet is that she'll "step down" for family reasons within 2 weeks, and then we'll get Ridge as McCain's veep pick.