Friday, August 15, 2008

Teflon Condi?

Matt Cooper points out what I said six months ago, namely that Condi Rice's reputation has survived remarkably well despite the evident incompetence of her performance over the last seven and a half years. She's arguably been the worst National Security Advisor in the history of the position, and her tenure as Secretary of State has been mediocre at best. One suspects that both she and her boss subscribe to some vulgar Hegelian hope that history will absolve them.

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section9 said...

With all due respect, screw Matt Cooper. His reporting, like much of what goes on at Time and Newsweak magazines, is mostly a regurgitation of the Conventional Wisdom of the week.

Turns out that when Cooper was complaining that Rice wasn't on the plane to Tbilisi, she was on the plane to Tbilisi.

The man is clueless. He has no earthly idea what Rice has actually been doing the past three years at State, so he mounts a critique based on what he's talked about with his friends.