Thursday, August 04, 2005

The backlash of military families begins

20 young men from a suburb of Ohio have been killed in Iraq this week. The reactions are unsurprising.

The LA Times:

"How much more are we expected to give?" asked Nancy Chase, 47, a schoolteacher who came to place flowers and flags at the entrance of the battalion's headquarters. "We are patriotic people. We love our country. But how many lives are enough?"

Associated Press:
Pat Wilsox, who manages a doughnut shop near the battalion's headquarters in Brook Park, a Cleveland suburb, threw her hand over her heart when she heard of the latest deaths. "Oh my God," she said softly. "I'm all for protection but this is getting a little bit ridiculous."

"It comes in waves," Paul Schroeder said. "I mean, I'm really calm right now. If I can stay busy, I'm calm. That's part of it. The other part is that this was not wholly unexpected. Schroeder's son, 23-year-old son, Lance Corporal Edward August Schroeder died Wednesday in Iraq....

"Americans have been silent too long," he said. "And I'm asking all Americans to really question where we are today."

The Columbus Dispatch:
As word of the deaths spread — names dribbled in slowly — Brook Park residents were left to wonder exactly who had been claimed. As they wait, their emotions boil, and they debate the sense of this war. "How can this not make you angry?" said Ed Haddad, the shop’s baker. "These were honest, hardworking people and now they’re gone," he said.

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Anonymous said...

As an Ohioan and someone who recently lost a brother in Iraq, I was not only upset to hear of the recent losses of other Ohioans but of the newfound questioning of why we are in Iraq by Ohioans. Why didn't these people question ANYTHING before they voted for Bush in the last election? My brother and I both tried to talk Ohioans out of voting for Bush but couldn't. I hope they are at least beginning to accept responsibility for the government they chose for the rest of the world.