Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Katherine Harris video

Check out this truly frightening video of Katherine Harris talking about her plan to run for the Senate in Florida. Harris is a bit of an easy mark, it's true, but whereas in 2000 whe came off as merely stupid and partisan, this performance shows something completely new and far more disturbing.

I don't know exactly how to describe it, but her bodily affect is just massively weird. It's something like what you'd expect from a homely college girl, three drinks brave and coming onto the captain of the football team in a bar. She's kinda moving back and forth, standing at an angle so you can get a good sense of the rack, speaking in nonsequitors that are aimed at conveying confidence but actually communicate the opposite. "Unprofessional" doesn't begint to capture the deep weirdness of the thing -- it's even weirder than the Novak incident last week.


BryanP said...

I'd just like you to know that it's appalling that you'd make fun of a woman's appearance simply because you do not agree with her politics.

How very 'progressive' of you.

CarpiJugulum said...

I was under the understanding that it was not looks that were important, but what was inside that counts. The heart, personality, and mind that progreessive liberal thought portrays in thier feminist ideology. Isn't that why the vast majority of leading women in the NOW gang are fugly? We are supposed to take what is on the inside over the looks, right? Oh wait that is only when they are "progressive" thinkers

Anonymous said...

like it or not, the woman has a nice set of tits on her.

litemike said...

Let's cut out the Michelle Malkin "outrage" just once. People aren't making fun of her appearance so much as her bimbo-ish actions.

Nobody here forced her to stand sideways for the camera. She even embarassed Hannity, and that's pretty difficult.