Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The National Young Republican Convention (With Pictures)

This post from an covert operative who snuck into the Young Republican Convention in Las Vegas last month is both telling and hilarious. My favorite bit:

[We] were helped by an elderly security guard working for the Convention Center. After some friendly chatting, the guard thanked us for being Republicans. He served in World War Two, and was glad that at least some young people were still "thinking smart" and "supporting the troops." I guess supporting the troops has nothing to do with providing medical benefits and body armor, or even keeping them alive by not sending them to fight in poorly managed corrupt wars, and everything to do with magnetic yellow ribbons on SUVs.

The Democratic party really needs to improve its PR towards veterans groups.

This was pretty good too:

The New York delegation then invited us to a party across town with an open bar, and we packed into a charter bus. I was sitting near the back and listened as some drunken jocks (including a delegate from Kentucky) had a heated discussion agreeing about how federalism was a great thing and slavery was a really good idea at the time and important part of America and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to check their history books....

My Republican friend went to great lengths to explain that this was definitely stereotypical Republican night, and they weren't really like this.

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