Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another neocon kicked upstairs

With Bolten headed for the U.N., Paul Wolfowitz is now being sent to the World Bank. This nomination continues what is beginning to look like a pattern of Bush moving the architects and advocates of the disaster in Iraq into positions of marginal significance to military affairs and national security. It's not the same thing as holding these people accountable (but then, Bush doesn't do that), but it at least is preventing them from doing more harm. If I were a mullah in Iran, I'd be breathing a sigh of relief.


rmockler said...

I think it remains to be seen whether these guys have been kicked anywhere. With all of the talk of Bush moving in a different, less warlike direction, it's just as plausible to view these moves as Bush positioning his main guys for his second term agenda. Iran may be happy about this, but I'm sure there are a lot of countries still holding their breath.

zachawry said...

I agree with rm. There's unlikely to be a war in the next three years, so this is more likely to be a promotion than a demotion. Plus it's a big FU to everybody else, which probably made it more attractive to Bush.