Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Torture and democracy

Sullivan makes a great point today. Forget about the criminality and hypocrisy of the Bush regime's claims to be against torture, even as it is shipping off untold numbers of detainees to other countries to be tortured. The more bewildering thing is that "even as this president publicly calls on these regimes to democratize, he privately asks them to 'take care of' prisoners of war."

And you wonder why poor Bashar Assad is confused. His thought process must be going something live this: "George, be reasonable! I've done everything you asked me. Every one of those guys you sent over here -- I made sure we tortured every one of them. I promise we did, every last one. Just ask your CIA guys: they were there! And now you want to throw me out of Lebanon, like yesterday's newspaper? What's going on?!"

And rightwing hacks wonder why we doesn't believe an iota of Bush's moralistic grandstanding.

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