Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wolfie: the romantic angle

According to the London Times, Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend also works for the World Bank; as an "Arab feminist" her title at the World Bank is "gender coordinator" (I wonder what James Dobson would make of that title).

More seriously, the Times suggests the Europeans may dig in their heels to oppose the man George Bush calls "Wolfie." Money:

The [question of Wolfowitz's girlfriend] may not arise if Europeans have their way. With 30% of votes on the World Bank’s board, they could try to scupper Wolfowitz’s nomination, even if America traditionally selects the president. It is the second time this month that Bush has risked a rift with allies over an important appointment, having named John Bolton, a prominent State Department toughie, as ambassador to the United Nations.

France digested Wolfowitz’s nomination like a bad oyster. Germany’s development minister said the “enthusiasm in old Europe is not exactly overwhelming."

I doubt the Old Europeans will actually try to block Wolfie's nomination. Why spend political capital on this subject? Unless they really believe in the Bank.

Please stop laughing.

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