Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Poverty: a moral issue?

John Edwards apparently thinks it is. Money quote:

"We have millions of Americans who work full time and still live in poverty, and that is absolutely wrong," said Edwards, a Democrat....

In an interview Wednesday on NBC's "Today," Edwards called poverty "one of the great moral issues in America today." He said more people live in poverty now in the United States than 30 years ago.

Good political move for Edwards; good political move for the Democrats.

Hat tip: RWM


zachawry said...

Someone mentioned how absurd it is that although the Bible mentions poverty about a thousand times more than it does homosexuality, somehow it is only the latter that is a motivating force for the "christian" right.

If only the left could use this. Now that is a wedge issue.

anschauung said...

Though I completely agree with your senitment, I did find it a little ironic that you referred to the central selection as the "money quote"!