Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Democracy starts at home

What makes the Bushies' "soaring rhetoric" about democracy abroad so especially nauseating, of course, is their blatant contempt for it at home. As the Center for American Progress points out,
The Bush administration and its conservative allies have systematically undermined democracy in the United States. Conservatives routinely call for the suppression of
minority voting
; pay journalists to act as administration shills; produce illegal, government-funded propaganda; ignore ethical standards for their leaders; regularly subordinate public needs to corporate interests; and hand out corrupt military contracts to their business friends . Until these practices are put to an end - and people are held accountable - claims that the right-wing is the torch bearer for democracy will ring hollow.

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Ed said...

I agree with your previous post that this regime is not strong on promoting democracy at home or abroad, but with the big exception of suppressing voters that this regime fears, what do these things have to do with democracy. The items listed are corruption and profiteering, the halmarks of kleptocracy. But they can occur in democratic or other systems of government. Just because you steal from people and act solely in your best interest does not mean that you are not the legitamate leader of a democracy.