Sunday, January 20, 2008

For any of you think of voting for Hillary, hear this...

Listen to what dues-paying right-winger David Brooks has to say about how the Bushies view Hillary:

If you love the empire, and especially the way it's been run since the end of the Cold War, keep voting for the Dual Dynasty.


Anonymous said...

Is this real? It's creepy. Or maybe he's creepy. And Hillary's worst nightmare, no?

In my opinion, all the dual-dynasty talk is given more weight than it should, but this little set of creepy comments does give pause.

Judith A. Ford said...

I'm just not buying it. There's no way the right wing and neocons like Hillary. I think they have all sorts of ammo to fire at Hillary, just waiting for her nomination. But a black guy? They realize they can't trash him as easily.

As for Rove trashing Obama..if O gets nominated, it takes all of Rove's fun away.

And I'll add that I'm voting for Hillary in the primary.