Tuesday, January 04, 2011


So, we're all familiar with the concept of NGOs. But this concept has recently undergone a radiation event, and has spawned an increasingly abstruse variety of subgenres:
  • INGO: international non-governmental organization
  • GONGO: government organized NGO
  • GRINGO: government regulated and initiated NGO
  • QUANGO: quasi-autonomous NGO
  • PANGO: party affiliated NGO
  • RONGO: retired officials NGO
  • DONGO: donor-organized NGO
  • DINGO: donor international NGO
  • CONGO: co-opted NGO
  • BINGOs: business interest NGOs
  • BONGOs: business-organized NGOs
  • and finally, my personal favorite... MANGO: a mafia-organized/operated NGO
For more on what all this means, with examples, see this academic paper.

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