Friday, April 15, 2005

Rudolph even more of a whackjob than previously understood

It boggles my mind that convicted American terrorist Eric Rudolph is being allowed to make grandstanding speeches and issue calls for more bombings. You would have thought the plea agreement might have prohibited this sort of sick thing.

The one silver lining is that Rudolph's chatter has provoked the publisher of a book on the Rudolph manhunt to issue a press release which describes the wingnut Rudolph. The live in a compound in the Carolina mountains, and spend their time railing against the guv'mint and growing reefer. In the case of Rudolph's brother, the mainhunt was so bothersome to him that he even went to the garage and videotaped himself cutting off his own hand it protest. If any of that stuff is even close to true, it tells you a lot about how psychologically healthy the anti-abortion folks really are....

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zachawry said...


I'm pro-choice, but implying that the Rudolph's are representatives of anti-abortionists in general is totally beneath you.