Monday, April 18, 2005

Toward a Democratic majority

As usual, Josh Marshall makes just the right point about what the Democrats need to do to get back to the majority. The first thing they need to is to stop strategerizing and tactifying, and remind themselves that doing what's good for the country -- doing what's right -- should be the primary driver behind political decisions, and should only be strayed away from in extremis. Money:

When it comes to strategy and tactics, the current Democratic party is like a drunk in the early stages of recovery or a man or woman who keeps ending up in the same bad relationship again and again with different people. For folks like that, strong medicine is required. Indeed, they usually require steps, correctives, lists of dos-and-don'ts more drastic than anybody would ever need who didn't have a problem.

Today we hear Democrats asking whether they should take a hard line on Social Security or a soft line, stand in opposition or come up with a contending plan. Here's what I propose whenever Democrats have a question about just what stance to take on the Social Security debate.

One question...

What is the actual policy outcome that would be most preferable on Social Security (to protect, preserve or augment it -- whatever) and how important is it that it take place in this Congress?

That's the first, second and third question.

That answer should drive everything else.

What he said.

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