Monday, April 11, 2005

Without DeLay

Sometimes I wonder how Bob Novak can keep it up. Novak points out, rightly enough, that Democrats sense blood in the water regarding Tom DeLay, and along with that, a chance to do serious political damage to the Republicans. He also points out that this project is unlikely to get off the ground unless the Democrats can find a Republican who is willing to call for DeLay's resignation, to effectively break ranks with the most disciplined national party machine this country has seen in almost a century and a half.

But then Novak goes too far. He says the Democrats are overreaching, because "no GOP politician wants to be the handmaiden of DeLay's Democratic detractors. Last Wednesday's closed-door caucus of House Republicans gave DeLay a standing ovation. Contrary to claims on leftist Web sites, no Republican member has called for the majority leader's resignation."

Uh, Bob... what about Chris Shays (R-CT)? Or does the town newspaper for the richest suburb of New York now count as a "leftist web site"?

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